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The community of Rezi is located in Keszthely Mountain eight kilometres far from Keszthely. It is known for its castle ruin which stands at 448 metres high and was built after the Mongol Invasion. Historical documents mention firstly the castle as Castrum Rezy in 1387. During the Turkish threat it protected the population of the surrounding settlements, it never was captured by any Turkish army. In 1729 the Festetics family became the lord of the land until the year of 1954. A five kilometre long hiking tour leads the castle enthusiasts to the atmospheric castle ruins. Centuries of viniculture with perfect climate, soil and Riesling grape culminated in very fine vines.Next to the road under Almástető Mountain we can discover a two hundred years old Gyöngyösi Betyár inn which once was a favoured place of many outlaws in Bakony. In addition, also here we can visit the famous Bika mill.Nearby the Tátika castle from the 13th century, was the first private castle in Hungary erected on the top of a 413 metres high basalt mountain. It can be visited by following a hiking road near to Zalaszántó.

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