Southern Transdanubia


The settlement of Dég is located in Mezőföld, approximately 60 kilometres far from Székesfehérvár. One of Hungary’s most beautiful Classicist castle once owned by the Festetics Family, was built here surrounded with the biggest English park of Hungary by the designs of Mihály Pollack. The building’s frontside served as a pattern for National Museum. The castle was constructed between 1810 and 1815. A mile long, picturesque fishing pond is considered to be the biggest fishing ponds in Hungary. The ornament of the isle is the red bricked Hollandi house built in Dutch style. The castle displays the so-called “From the saloon to the English park” baronial historic exhibition.The spectacular castle is surrounded with many myths such as the secret centre of the Hungarian Templars. However, there was no evidence of mysterious gatherings among the castle walls despite the fact that it functioned as the secret archives of the Templars for almost a century. Even the builder, Antal Festetics was considered to be a member of the secret order.

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