Central Transdanubia


The city of Devecser is located on the west bank of the Torna creek, on the western edge of Bakony Mountain. According to existing preserved documents, the Choron family lived in a manor-house situated on one of its high grounds. The building was destroyed during the Dózsa Peasant uprising in 1514. Soon after, a watch tower fortified with surrounding stonewalls was erected. In 1532 it was attacked msny times by the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire when he marched towards Vienna. His efforts to occupy the tower were successfully repelled. The building became an integral stronghold of the border-castle system containing the attacks of marauding Turkish troops.In the 18th century the fortress was converted into a castle by removing the walls and creating a park.
Nowadays, the building gives home to a library which still preserves the renaissance atmosphere. The castle park around the castle is an English park of historical and nature preservation importance. Trees many centuries old and the abundant variety of vegetation makes the park an important touristic destination.

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Bodzás Vendégház / Ganna

Grácia Panzió és Vendéglő

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Széki-erdő / Természetvédelmi Terület

Somló-hegy / Kitaibel Tanösvény


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