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The community of Fáj is situated on the slopes of Cserhát approximately 50 kilometres far from Miskolc in North Hungary. The first member of the Fáy family who was mentioned in historical certificates was Rugach, he served as crusade knight and died during the Fifth Crusade on the Holy land under the command of king András the Second (1205-1235). The campaing was declared by Pope Ince the Third in 1215. King András the Second started this venture with prince Lipót the Sixth in 1217. Later King Hugo joined their forces on the island of Cyprus and sailed to the Holy land. They reached Acre where the crusaders were gathering, however, they couldn’t occupied Jerusalem again only few skirmishes happened.
During the Árpád dynasty Fáj was a royal estate until king Béla the Fourth (1235-70) donated to the ancestors of the Fáy family. The Fáy castle rests on a patrician country house, later the former baroque castle was reconstructed in a classicist style and its heyday was during the classicism. At the beginning of the 19th century Marco Casagrande worked on the reliefs in the banquet hall and on the facades, in addition, his art of works can be seen at the cathedral of Eger and Esztergom. The Fáy gave many outstanding honourable statesmen, scientists, high priests and soldiers, respectively. The family’s noble descendant András Fáy, who was an author and patron of art, fought on the side of István Széchenyi.

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