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The cosy town of Gödöllő is thirty kilometres far from Budapest, located in the Gödöllő hills. It is famous for its baroque castle and university. The confidant of Empress Terézia Mária (1740-1780), Earl Antal Grassalkovich (1694-1771) erected the castle in the 1740s and after multiple expansions and reconstructions it had finally achieved its imposing building complex which was pattern for many other Baroque castles due to its architecture bravados. Nowadays the royal castle houses a museum and event centre. In addition, also a museum visit allows to view on the renovated baroque theatre and pavilion on the King’s Hill.
The Earl also contributed to construction of a Baroque building which once functioned as an inn. These days it holds a rich collection of work of arts and through four exhibition it features the history of town and exclusively the traditions and the history of the Hungarian Boy Scouts.

Further information: www.godollo.hu, www.kiralyikastely.hu

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