Southern Great Plain


The town Gyula is situated near to the Hungarian-Romanian border in Békés County. The castle, which is the only brick castle that remained intact in Europe, was erected in Gothic style in the 15th century. In the mediaeval ages the area was marshy and due to the lack of the proper nature resource that could be used to supply the construction particularly stone, the architect used bricks for the fortification instead. Nowadays, it houses a spectacular Castle Museum which displays almost seven centuries’ history in 24 halls for the lovers of history. The building is considered to be the only Gothic castle that remained intact during the centuries, furthermore, we can discover a beautiful chapel and a popular spa within. The Almásy chateau with is truly attractive appeal achieved its present appearance in the 19th century. These days it is functioning as a visitor centre exhibiting the values of culture and history of the south of the Great Hungarian Plain, respectively.
Another monument of the town is the two hundred years old memorial house of Ferenc Erkel where the famous composer and maestro was born. To highlight his significant work in Hungarian music, he set Ferenc Kölcsey’s Himnusz, which is Hungary’s national anthem, to music besides the outstanding opera of Bánk bán, in addition, founded the Hungarian National Opera.

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