Southern Transdanubia


The town of Szigetvár is situated at the west of Baranya County. After the reign of the Celts, the Romans and the Avars, respectively, the area was possessed by the tribe of Botond. The first fortification was a round, three-story tower erected by Oswald Szigethi which later formed the core of the inner castle. After the defeat of Mohács in 1526 the castle became a crucial military point in detaining the Turkish conquerors’ forging ahead. In 1561 captain Miklós Zrínyi evolved the castle’s reliable ramparts defending the settlement.
In 1566 the castle hampered Suleiman sultan’s great army’s march against Wien. A few stood against many, the 2300 defenders had withstood the siege for a month until the remaining troops sortied out and faced a heroic death under the command of Zrínyi. The Ottomans reconstructed and placed a garrison in the castle. The memories of these days are demonstrated by the Mosque and the caravanserai. Nowadays, the town besides its many spectacular historical monuments attracts many visitors because of its quality dishes, tasty vines and remarkable remedial effect of its medical spa.

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