Southern Transdanubia


The settlement of Szentlőrinc from the Árpád dinasty is located twenty kilometres far from Pécs, approximately. Its name probably originates from the friary next to the river Okor founded by Templar knights. After disbanding the order in 1312 the Hospitallers possessed the building. As it was located near to military paths, the castle was forayed and burnt, repeatedly, after the defeat at Mohács (1526). In 18th century Prince Miklós Esterházy the Bright (1714-1790) became the owner of the friary and established a centre of his estate also he was who erected the famous and lavish Chateau at Fertőd. The prince played an important role in Terézia Mária (1740-1780) military campaigns as the captain of the royal guards, later general. Historical sources mention the castle had been surrounded with strong walls in 1780s. The baroque castle was built 1696-1717 and had been expanded with annexes several times. In 1783 the settlement had a post office at its disposal, after the construction of the railway network the town’s role in trading, including freight traffic, and in public transport had increased. The latest renovation of the chateau ended in 1995 and since than it has been functioning as the town hall.
Nearby we can discover the lakes of Orfű which are perfect for refresh oneself up and activities.

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